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Empower your team to speak English with more confidence

The AI speaking coach for non-native English speakers
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1. Take video calls as usual

fluency listens to everyday work video calls and coaches employees on their English speaking abilities


2. Feedback on spoken English

Users learn how to improve their pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

3. Continue improving

fluency learns each user's habits and provides increasingly better feedback.

The new way to improve English speaking skills


No extra time required.
Users just take work Zoom calls as usual, and their English will improve.


Goodbye boring textbooks.
Learnings are directly related to the company’s work.


Receive unbiased feedback.

Human teachers can be incomprehensive in the feedback they provide.

Yui, Japan

"I'm too busy to spend time on other language apps, but this gives me feedback automatically!"

Kate, Mexico

“My co-workers never told me that I make these English mistakes.”

Mary, Korea

"fluency shows me the shortest path to improving my English!"

Try fluency at your company

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