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Revolutionize your English lessons with AI

Impress and motivate your clients with data-driven feedback
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1. Teach English lessons as usual

fluency joins video calls and analyzes the learners' English speaking


2. Feedback on spoken English

AI comments on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and more.

Teachers can always override the AI.

3. Track Progress

fluency provides a centralized database of your clients' progress.

With fluency, lesson providers will

Increase revenue

Market AI as a differentiation factor from competitors

Improve retention

More thorough quality assurance at a lower cost

Help clients more

Deliver unbiased,

data-driven feedback

Yuta, Japan

(School Admin)

"I’m very happy with these opportunities to add value to our classes."

Lila, France


“You should charge us more!”

Kate, Mexico


"Wow, I didn't know that I make these mistakes."

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